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Title Series Brand Author Date
Queen of Death, The Queen of Death, The The Lost Mark, Book III Eberron Matt Forbeck 10/01/06
Thieves of Blood Thieves of Blood The Blade of the Flame, Book I Eberron Tim Waggoner 05/01/06
Grieving Tree, The Grieving Tree, The The Dragon Below, Book II Eberron Don Bassingthwaite 03/01/06
Road to Death Road to Death The Lost Mark, Book II Eberron Matt Forbeck 01/01/06
Binding Stone, The Binding Stone, The The Dragon Below, Book I Eberron Don Bassingthwaite 08/01/05
Marked for Death Marked for Death The Lost Mark, Book I Eberron Matt Forbeck 03/01/05
Gates of Night, The Gates of Night, The Dreaming Dark, Book III Eberron Keith Baker 02/01/05
City of Towers City of Towers Dreaming Dark, Book I Eberron Keith Baker 02/01/05
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