Dungeon Issue #186
By Steve Winter
No matter how solid your game's rules are, there's always room for customization.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you're a new DM or an old hand, if you're having campaign issues, this is where you'll find help and answers.
By Ray Franklin
The halflings of the Great Swamp have fished that bayou for generations. Now the lizardfolk are stirring up trouble for no apparent reason, and the disturbances seem to be centered around a fabled structure whose crumbling parapets are nearly submerged beneath the surrounding swamp. An adventure for characters of levels 3-5.
By Logan Bonner
Rune magic is older than mankind; older even than some surviving gods. Deep in the Chaos Scar are spots where runic energy is vibrant and alive and shimmering at the edge of awareness. A creature armed with certain ancient, banned runes could wreak unimaginable havoc at those locations. An adventure for characters of levels 10-12.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The people of Mistwatch were content. They made few demands and were happy with their lives. But Mistwatch's long good fortune has come to an end. Now doom gathers in the shadows, and only bold action will spare the town from a terrible fate.
By Cal Moore
If you need a villain with a twist or just a villain in a hurry, Tulka Deathrattle and Scarlet Jax are at your service. As leaders of their own cabals or servants of a greater evil, heroes will quickly learn to fear these names.
By Greg Bilsland and Bruce R. Cordell
To be a modron is to be part of a strict hierarchy that is literally built into them. They are eternally vigilant against chaos and eternally at war against entropy. If you travel the planes of existence via portals, eventually you will meet them.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The stories about Boss Laughter are nearly as frightening as his appearance. Those stories might be true, or they might be false, but this much is certain: Boss Laughter concocts the most amazing, deadly—and beneficial—potions known.
By Ed Greenwood
By Rodney Thompson
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