Dungeon Issue #177
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By Chris Youngs
Chris discusses read-aloud text. Aloud. OK, not really aloud, but that would be cool.
By James Wyatt
The Demon Wastes is a blasted, haunted land infested with all manner of evil beings. Deep in its heart stands an ancient structure called the Maze of Shattered Souls. The Lords of Dust hold the place in high regard, for they believe they can learn more of the mysterious Draconic Prophecy by studying and communing with the souls trapped in this place. But places of evil attract the attention of those with good motivations, too, for a variety of reasons. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in Eberron for characters of level 15.
By Robert J. Schwalb
A chance encounter in the Chaos Scar allows the characters the opportunity to avenge another group of fallen adventurers—unless the foes that claimed their lives prove too much for the heroes! A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 1st-level characters.
By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
The Snawstubble goblin tribe has stumbled upon a strange series of caverns filled with an unfamiliar metal—and a dark evil. Now the goblins have found new power in the Scar as well as a new source of corruption. A Dungeons & Dragons adventure for 4th-level characters.
By Craig Campbell
A family’s tortured dreams have become reality, thanks to an ill-timed ritual used in desperation. Now a village is threatened, and the characters must act quickly to stop this nightmare from spreading. A Dungeons & Dragons Side Trek for 4th-level characters, with expansion possibilities for further play.
By Brian R. James
While the Warlock Knights rule Vaasa with fists of steel, the land is rife with adventure possibilities.
By Rodney Thompson
The legendary artifact is back, along with a complete deck of cards you can download and print for use in your campaign!
By Brian R. James
The minions of the King that Crawls are some of the most feared in the Underdark. Discover more of Torog’s history, secrets, and ambitions for the world.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The psionic power source might appear to be a problematic addition to your campaign, but discover several options for psionic incorporation in your home campaign.
By Peter Schaefer
This powerful necromancer seeks mastery of the dead, and he’s ready and waiting to torment the characters of your campaign.
By Mike Mearls
Mike continues to educate on the nature of skill challenges, with unique applications and examples.
By James Wyatt
James launches a new campaign this month!
By Ed Greenwood
Ed Greenwood weaves another colorful background tapestry for the land of Faerun.
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