Dragon Issue #414

By Chris Perkins
Is there room for the Feywild and the Shadowfell in the Great Wheel? Let’s peek behind the curtain and see how the D&D cosmology is shaping up.
By John “Ross” Rossomangno
Perhaps the greatest love story in D&D lore is the on-again, off-again affair between a demon prince named Graz’zt and the witch-queen Iggwilv.
By Jim Auwaerter
The eccentric Alluvius Ruskin trades in all manner of bizarre planar items, but until now, no one knew that her tower had a secret attic. What does she keep in there, you ask?
By Dave Chalker
The Planescape setting introduced the planar factions and their feuding philosophies. Now the mysteries, experiences, and chaos of the multiverse are yours to enjoy!
By Brian R. James
Modrons embody perfect order and exist within a rigid hierarchy, but as with all things in the multiverse, there are exceptions to every rule.
By Rodney Thompson
When evil, primal spirits terrorize the citizens of Gulg, the people turn to their mighty sorcerer-king for protection. If only they knew the truth. . . .
By Keith Baker
Some say the Vale of the Inner Sun is a myth, an underground utopia that can be reached only after death. To reach it, one must first contend with the cults of the Dragon Below.
By Ed Greenwood
There’s a lost dragon in Lord Eagleshield’s mansion. Can you be the first to find it?
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