Dragon Issue #392

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By Steve Winter
Lots of people seem to want to write for Dragon Magazine. Here's what we're looking for.
By Bill Slavicsek
Bill discusses upcoming releases in the Essentials line, boardgames, and more.
By Robert J. Schwalb
All heroes come from somewhere. Everwatch is a city on the edge of habitation, with secrets to keep and plenty of conflict. It could be your home.
By Matt Sernett
From a throne of storms, Kord looks down upon all and sees weakness. But gladiators, soldiers, and mercenaries know that Kord favors those who fight for themselves.
By Mike Mearls
There is great power in stone and tree, earth and root. Clerics who draw upon the earth domain learn to brandish that power in service to their deities.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Armed with this article, beastmaster rangers will have two new beast companions to choose from--the horse and the simian--and new powers for all of the beast companions.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Fey wardens are charged with preserving lands touched or otherwise influenced by the Feywild, and they are often aided by minor fey creatures.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The illumian race is gone, but the words of power which led to their downfall still echo through the ruins of their dead world.
By Derek Guder
Despite halflings' happy-go-lucky reputations, their desire for revenge when wronged can be as powerful as any race's.
By Matt Sernett
One school of wizardry stands at the root of many legends of elven prowess with magic—Tanathriel, the Castle of Dreams.
By Kay Kenyon
Genesis forges are forbidden by the Treaty of Thronehold, but Xen'drik is far from Khorvaire and its law.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" survives the apocalypse ... again! She's a survivor.
By Richard Baker and Bruce R. Cordell
Prepare for your first foray into Gamma Terra with a look behind the curtain, courtesy of the new game's lead designers.
By Bart Carroll
As we look forward to all-new Gamma World adventures, it's worthwhile looking back at Gamma World editions of the past.
By Bart Carroll
Our archivist looks back fondly at the first adventure in the N (novice) series, from 1982.
By Chris Tulach
Chris Tulach writes about what’s going on with official D&D play, the community, and upcoming events!
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