Dragon Issue #366
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The compilation PDF linked above features updated versions of the articles from this issue. While the individual articles are still available for download, the most up-to-date information can be found in the compilation.
By Rodney Thompson
The eladrin are some of the least understood creatures in the world, yet their culture is as deep and storied as any. Get a glimpse into an eladrin city with Mithrendain.
By Bruce R. Cordell
Warlocks are a mysterious bunch, but few are as misunderstood as those of the Star Pact.
By Peter Schaefer
What caster wouldn't want more rituals? Dig into this feature and discover new ritual options.
By Matthew Sernett
What dungeon doesn't need a good trap or three? In addition to new traps, check out the advice and information on using traps in your game.
By Bruce R. Cordell
The Red Wizards were once a highly coordinated group, but those days are gone. Look inside one of the new Red Wizard enclaves here.
By Bruce R. Cordell and Ed Greenwood
The Realms of 4th Edition have new life this month. The region of Gontal, previously unexplored, is detailed here.
By David Noonan
Looking to start up your Scales of War campaign? Consider offering these backgrounds to your players for their new characters.
By Mike Mearls
This cunning bugbear clan is ready to rule the streets in your campaign.
By Bruce R. Cordell and Chris Sims
Roll vs. Role's newest installment tackles one of D&D's greatest: the troll.
By Phil Athans and Bruce R. Cordell
Phil and Bruce discuss the philosophy behind the Forgotten Realms timeline shift, as well as other critical decisions regarding the new Realms.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
Shelly continues to describe her first experience as a new DM.
By Chris Tulach
This month, Chris tells us more about the Living Forgotten Realms campaign.
By Bill Slavicsek
Bill gives a breakdown of our Gen Con coverage and plans for the show.
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