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Fiend Folio
1st Edition PDF
Edited by Don Turnbull

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In Legends & Lore, Mike Mearls stated that: "Back at Gen Con last year, we announced that we were once again going to make certain titles of classic D&D material available for purchase as PDF files. I'm happy to announce that our friends over at are offering the first of many waves of classic content through our new PDF store!"

A Guidebook of Creatures Malevolent and Benign

This tome contains alphabetical listings of monsters designed for use with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system. Each creature is described and most are illustrated for easy identification. Using the new encounter tables contained herein, this work is sure to add new excitement to any AD&D game.

Item Details
Item Code: 50012
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Format: PDF
Page Count: 128
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0-935696-21-0
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