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Practical Guide to Vampires, A
Practical Guides
Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer

As Twilight Falls...

I have hunted vampires all over the world, from remote mountain villages to a city not far from where you dwell. If you dare to enter the world of the vampire -- and one day, soon, I know you will -- my book will prepare you with fang-filled facts not seen anywhere else from the strange games fledgling vampires play to the best way to slip inside a vampire's lair. Do not delay.

The Vampires Await You!

Item Details
Item Code: 242050000
Release Date: August 2009
Format: Hardcover
Price: $12.95 C$15.99
ISBN: 978-07869-5243-4
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Author Bios
Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer

Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer has written numerous books for all ages, both fiction and nonfiction. Her fiction titles include Mystery of Canyon Creek (Houghton Mifflin/Great Source, 2005), The Keepers (Houghton Mifflin/Great Source, 2006), and coming out in summer, 2006, Mountain Manor Mystery (Mondo). Her nonfiction works include Voices of Colonial America, Pennsylvania (National Geographic, 2005, distributed by Random House), as well as several self-help books for middle-graders and teens, published by Troll: 50 Ways to Love Your Pet; Palmistry; and How to Talk So Boys Listen. Lisa has been included in Something About the Author, and her website is