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Master of Chains
The Fighters
Jess Lebow

Liam spent his life in his brother Ryder’s shadow. He is second-in-command in the rebellion Ryder leads against Lord Purdun. He’s in love with the beautiful woman his brother married. He’s followed his brother’s lead in everything—until a raid on Lord Purdun goes awry, his brother is killed, and he is offered a place amongst Lord Purdun’s guards. A chance to redeem himself and step beyond his brother’s shadow, if he dares.

Ryder has a hard but enviable and honorable life. Until the day the trap he set for Lord Purdun backfires. He sacrifices himself to save his brother, Liam—but Lord Purdun doesn’t kill him. He throws him in a dungeon and sells him into slavery, where the only tools he has with which to escape are the chain of his bondage. Vowing to return to defeat Lord Purdun and save his brother from the dire straits he surely found himself in, he plots his revenge.

In the FORGOTTEN REALMS, the line between love and hate is razor thin. Two brothers who once seemed indivisible, invincible so long as they were together, are torn asunder. Fortunes are reversed, passions blossom, and loyalties divide. When next these brothers, who were once so close, meet, they will be forced to chose between the men they were together, and the men they have become—and the kingdom of Erlkazar will be changed forever.

Master of Chains is part of the Fighters series. These action-packed, stand-alone novels, each focusing on a different kind of warrior, can be read in any order. After enjoying Master of Chains, read Ghostwalker next, also part of the Fighters series, or Obsidian Ridge for more by Jess Lebow.

A self-confessed beer enthusiast and foodie, JESS LEBOW spends his days writing video games and his nights looking for a good meal to go with his brew. Currently living in China with his girlfriend, he works for Ubisoft Shanghai, doing game design and writing scripts for a new game.

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Item Details
Item Code: 969907400
Release Date: September 2005
Series: The Fighters
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Page Count: 320
Price: $6.99 C$9.99
ISBN: 0-7869-3800-5
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