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Heroes of Neverwinter

Heroes of Neverwinter brings the beloved lore, ruleset and legacy of Dungeons & Dragons to the Facebook platform. This mix of bite-sized play sessions, top notch RPG gameplay, and extended features promises to deliver the deepest RPG experience on the platform.

Explore Perilous Dungeons

Command a party of 4 adventurers as you explore dungeons, fight monsters, discover traps and secrets, and battle bosses.

Roll up your Adventurer

Choose from 4 races, 4 classes, customize appearance, statistics, and much more!

Form a Party With Your Friends

Bring your friends' characters on your adventures and help them earn experience and gold!

Discover Loot, Customize Your Hero

Hundreds of items in-game will give your characters a new look, new powers, and new gear to brag about!

Build Your Dungeon

Become the Dungeon Master and build your own dungeons for other players to explore.

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