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Monster Vault
An Essential D&D Game Supplement
Rodney Thompson, Logan Bonner, and Matthew Sernett

Iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters that are easy to run and fun to fight.

This essential product for Dungeon Masters collects the most iconic monsters of the Dungeons & Dragons world in one handy box and presents all-new variants, including new spins on such beloved monsters as dragons, orcs, and vampires. The monsters described herein are designed to be easy for Dungeon Masters to use and fun for players to fight. In addition to combat statistics, each monster entry comes with story information to help DMs incorporate the monsters into their adventures and campaigns.

In addition to a comprehensive collection of iconic Dungeons & Dragons monsters, this box contains die-cut tokens for the monsters that appear within, as well as a 32-page adventure that showcases several of the monsters.

Dungeon Masters can easily incorporate the adventure into their ongoing campaigns. Game components:

  • 256-page book of monsters
  • 32-page adventure
  • 10 sheets of die-cut monster tokens
Item Details
Item Code: 244650000
Release Date: November 16, 2010
Series: Essential D&D Game Supplement
Format: Box
Price: $29.99 C$35.00
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5631-9