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Reflections of RuinD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of level 7
by John Rossomangno

When a cursed dragon begins using the power of the Chaos Scar to magically reflect her warped image onto the world, the adventurers must end her twisted plans. Thanks to the chaos the dragon has toyed with in the past, she and her tribe of ogre henchmen offer several surprises for the interlopers.

“Reflections of Ruin” is a short adventure for 7th-level characters. This adventure is set in the Chaos Scar and refers to events from the superadventure Madness at Gardmore Abbey, but you can easily place it in another setting or run it without that resource. If the characters have already experienced Andrew Schneider’s adventure “Scarred for Life” (Dungeon 192), or if you plan to run that adventure before this one, you can make use of the connections involving the dragon Maluriath and the Deck of Many Things.

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