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Rumble in the ValleyD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 6-8
by Dave Chalker

Updated 10/18/11

A cunning hobgoblin plans to form a mighty army, uniting the diverse and quarrelsome inhabitants of the Chaos Scar into a fighting force, and lay siege to Restwell Keep. For this ambitious strategy to succeed, he must prove his might and remove a persistent problem: the adventurers..

“Rumble in the Valley” is a Dungeons & Dragons Chaos Scar adventure for characters of levels 6-8. You can change the names of personalities and places to suit your own campaign.

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    About the Author

    Dave Chalker is a freelance game designer and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning blog His recent work includes co-writing the “Choose Your Fortunes Wisely” article for the D&D website, designing for the “Dragon Brigade Roleplaying Game” from Margaret Weis Productions, and creating the boardgame “Get Bit!” from Mayday Games.

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