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Wights and Ghosts
Monster Manual Update
Logan Bonner

This article series revisits monsters from the Monster Manual, providing them with additional background and story. In addition, the articles present the monsters in the revised statistics block format that first appeared widely in Monster Manual 3. The monsters have had some minor updates to powers and to some of their statistics, including attack, damage, and defense values. These changes in statistics generally reflect the updates that appear on page 7 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide rules update. This iteration of the article includes wights and ghouls.


Wights are undead that retain their human craftiness and martial skill after death, but whose minds are consumed with evil thoughts. A wight dwells in underground tombs and tunnels, and encountering a wight is a terrifying experience—coming face to face with pure evil. A ghost can be sent to eternal rest, and a vampire can be reasoned with, but a wight can be stopped only if it is destroyed. As long as its corpse can still move, its hate drives it to fight and kill.

Wights (228 Kbs PDF)


Forbidding mansions, poisoned wells, abandoned temples—such are the forsaken places where ghosts dwell and where the living fear to tread. Often, rumors of hauntings are just that—rumors. But at sites tainted by misery, terror, and death, these rumors could be true. A ghost is what remains of a being whose soul should have moved on after death, but was trapped. This entrapment commonly occurs because the being has a strong urge to complete a task that tears and fragments its soul.

Ghosts (315 Kbs PDF)
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