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LightdrinkersD&D Insider Article
by Andy Clautice

Night in Gloomwrought falls darker than anywhere in the mortal realm. The lamps lining the city’s main streets can do only so much against the gloom. Someone watching the Avenue of Chains from a window might see the lanterns wink out, one by one, as darkness creeps slowly down the street like a tide rolling in. At the edge of each pool of light, just before it goes out, a shadow passes over the ground, perhaps betraying the hint of a paw or a snout.

Predatory creatures that feed on light, lightdrinkers roam Gloomwrought like feral dogs. From the darkness, they attack anything else they find, for light isn’t enough to slake their hunger.

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    About the Author

    Andy Clautice has been designing games for over 15 years, but only recently for public consumption. He currently lives in Denver, toiling to bring the latest and greatest to your computer screen.