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Killing GroundD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 11-13
by D. Jason Wofford

Sinister forces have seized a secluded forest in a forgotten corner of the Feywild. The wilderness, reflecting the brutal will of its conquerors, has warped into a sentient shifting maze, its relentless, crawling expansion fueled by an insatiable hunger for prey. Enchanting song drifts from the maze's shadowed ways, luring all who hear it to their doom. In this adventure, the heroes find themselves trapped and hunted for sport in the maze's twisting paths. "Killing Ground" is an adventure for five characters of levels 11 to 13.

A battered gnome plunges out of the undergrowth, his jerkin red with fresh blood. His scratched face is pained, and his eyes stretch wide with terror. "Run!" he cries as he sprints toward you. Behind him, the rustle of foliage heralds a grasping tide of carnivorous vegetation that blocks passage and threatens to devour everything in its path.

About the Author

D. Jason Wofford fell in love with roleplaying games at the tender age of eight when his older brother brought home a red box containing the Dungeons & DragonsBasic Rules. The chemistry was undeniable, and Jason’s affair with D&D continues to this day (although he admittedly sees other games on the side). He lives, writes, games, and rocks in lovely Lawrence, Kansas with his feline familiar, Nicodemus, and three wonderful guitars.