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Baelard's LegacyD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of 10th-12th level
by Joshua Kerbau

Generations ago, before the collapse of the great empires, the Library of Highforest was a small center for learning operated by priests and sages of Ioun. Being invited to study or teach at this remote, isolated institute was the honor of a lifetime, and being interred in the catacombs beneath the library was the reward for a life devoted to knowledge. Then, for unknown reasons, the library simply disappeared from written records. No more than a handful of sages and historians now remember that the Library of Highforest even existed. Those who do remember, however, are well aware that the vast stores of knowledge once held at Highforest would be a treasure beyond price.

You stand in the entrance to a library. An immense, circular table covered with clutter dominates the center of the room. To your left are four floor-to-ceiling shelving stacks. Many of the fragile scrolls and books have fallen victim to insects and mold, and are now little more than dust on the shelves. To the right is a large alcove holding a closed, floor-to-ceiling cabinet. An iron gate blocks the alcove.

About the Author

Joshua Kerbau is a freelance writer and editor from Eastern Iowa. He lives for his family, the Hawkeyes, and D&D, in that order, more or less.