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Explore Q'barra, Part 2D&D Insider Article
Poison Dusk, Black Sun
by Keith Baker

For decades, the relationship between settlers and the "scales" of Q'barra has been uneasy but stable. The Poison Dusk has remained a constant threat, but a balance was struck with the Cold Sun Federation, and an elder of the Ka'rhashan dragonborn accompanied King Sebastes to Thronehold in 996 YK. Now that fragile peace is beginning to snap. Cold Sun lizardfolk are raiding Tharashk mines. The attacks of the Poison Dusk are worse than ever. And there are rumors of scaled armies massing in the jungle–a force that could wipe the settlers from the land.

'Duty before Glory.' So says the inscription on the gates of Ka'rhashan. Our ancestors carved this when they fled the western lands and returned to watch these dusty ruins. For a hundred generations we have been told that this is all we can aspire to, that we must guard these cursed cities until the end of time. I say no more!

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    About the Author

    Keith Baker has been an avid fan of the Dungeons & Dragons game since grade school. His life took a dramatic turn in 2002 when he submitted the world of Eberron to the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search. In addition to developing the Eberron Campaign Setting and Shadows of the Last War, he has worked for Atlas Games, Goodman Games, and Green Ronin.