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Garaitha's AnvilD&D Insider Article
The Scales of War Adventure Path: part 12
by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

In "Garaitha’s Anvil," heroes undertake a daring strike mission for the Coalition that stands against the githyanki invasion. What appears at first to be a routine mission against a remote outpost reveals how close the githyanki are to completely overwhelming the Coalition's worldly defenses, but also exposes a critical weakness in the invaders' plans. By undertaking the dangerous infiltration of a githyanki planar nexus, the heroes have a chance to take the fight to the invaders on their own turf and to potentially turn the tide of war! "Garaitha’s Anvil" is an adventure for five 17th-level characters.

The path of this war and the destruction of all hangs by the thinnest thread, but by the favor of fate and the gods, a light comes to us in our darkest hour. With the power of the Well of Worlds lost to them, the githyanki's assault upon the world will shatter like glass. We must act now if we hope to prevail! There is no time for caution -- no time for fear. Struck with all the force that this Coalition can muster against it, Garaitha’s Anvil must fall.

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    About the Author

    Scott Fitzgerald Gray (9th-level layabout, vindictive neutral) started gaming in high school and has worked as a writer and editor much of the time since then. After belatedly realizing he could combine both vocations in 2004, he's been making up for lost time as a freelance RPG editor and designer, primarily for Wizards of the Coast. He lives in the Canadian hinterland with a schoolteacher, two daughters, and a large number of animal companions.