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Beneath the DustD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 7-9
by Jared Espley

Characters seek a primordial tree of life, a prize of inestimable value to both preservers and defilers. It lies somewhere in the barren desert, under all the protection that the primal spirits can muster for it. Those seeking it will face monsters of the desert, undead guardians, thri-kreen raiders, and a ghostly protector on their path to the tree. And they're not alone; with stakes as high as these, there's bound to be more than one player in the game. This adventure takes place in the Dark Sun campaign world. It is intended for adventurers of 7th to 9th level.

There in the dark, something remarkable occurred. In the lightless, stale, barren cave, nurtured by the primal spirits and its own tenacious power to survive, the seed of life slowly took root. Forging its own nutrients from the stone, drawing sustenance from traces of water, it grew into a mighty tree. More life spread from it; moss grew on the walls, vines snaked through rusted weapons and armor, and the air became fresh.

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    About the Author

    Jared Espley has been playing D&D since he received the red box edition sometime in the early 80s. One of his favorite characters is a feral halfling druid inspired by the Dark Sun campaign world. "Beneath the Dust" is his first published adventure. In his day job, Jared works for NASA designing instruments to explore the Solar System and analyzing the data we receive from them.