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Castle Ravenloft Winning Scenarios

Here they are, folks—the winning submissions from our Castle Ravenloft Board Game contest. Our thanks enormous to Dwayne S., Kevin G., and Greg F. for the following scenarios:

(369 Kbs PDF)


The Heroes, with Thorgrim at their lead, head back into Castle Ravenloft for revenge. They must defeat the werewolf that killed Thorgrim’s brother.

Goal: Defeat the werewolf.

It has been days since you were last in these crypts with your brother Hargrinn. You and Hargrinn had set out to stop a werewolf that had been terrorizing the locals. Hargrinn was armed with a silver blade to kill it, but he underestimated the werewolf's strength and died at the jaws of the werewolf. After seeing that, you retreated. Now you have come back with a band of adventurers to kill the werewolf and avenge your brother.

A Hero Lost

The Heroes must find the infected Hero in the lower levels of the dungeon and locate the dark fountain. Combine its water with the vial of holy water to cure the infected Hero.

Goal: Cure the infected Hero.

One of your party has been captured and infected by Strahd’s minions. The infected hero is now stranded deep in the crypt. An elixir made by combining holy water with the water from the dark fountain can cure the hero of the disease. Can you make it before the infection overwhelms the lost hero?

The Skull of Necromancy

The Heroes must enter the dungeons of Castle Ravenloft to obtain a powerful artifact and escape with it so that it can be destroyed.

Goal: Recover the Skull of Necromancy and escape the dungeon.

Using divination, you have learned that the Skull of Necromancy, an evil artifact of terrible power, is in Strahd’s dungeon. You have volunteered to explore the dungeon to find the Skull and bring it out to be destroyed.