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Menace of the Icy SpireD&D Insider Article
by Sean Molley

"Menace of the Icy Spire" is an adventure set out of Loudwater in the Forgotten Realms. Fully detailed in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Loudwater is a tremendous launch point for a new Realms campaign. In the deep forest near Loudwater, legend tells of a warlock who meddled with powers beyond his ability to control in pursuit of new power. Now his tower is home to a force that could cause tremendous devastation in the wrong hands. An adventure for 2nd-level PCs.

About 30 years ago, a dwarf warlock named Draigdurroch came to the Gray Vale. Draigdurroch was part of a cabal of warlocks, and his particular research dealt with the creation of new types of eldritch pacts. He believed that the Dire Wood contained a particularly potent source of untapped energy -- the remains of a failed deity. Thousands of years before the Spellplague, a Netherese city called Karse stood in the area, and the demigod Karsus was its patron. Karsus tried and failed to ascend to full godhood, dying in the process, and his city (along with the rest of the ancient Empire of Netheril) fell not long thereafter. Draigdurroch's research suggested that the petrified remains of Karsus yet lie beneath the forest's heart. Draigdurroch hoped that he could tap into the latent energy that Karsus had accumulated and use it to power his new pact. The dwarf warlock built a tower about a mile outside the Dire Wood and began his experiments in earnest.

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    About the Author

    Over the last five years, Sean Molley has done a lot of RPG writing (both d20 and non-d20) for Paradigm Concepts and directed the Living Arcanis organized-play campaign. Sean currently serves as a Global Administrator for the RPGA’s Living Forgotten Realms campaign. In his day job, Sean works on large-scale databases, which is a lot less exciting than working on large-scale D&D games. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his very understanding wife (who is fortunately also a gamer). This is Sean's first appearance in Dungeon magazine.