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Genasi of AthasD&D Insider Article
Winning Races
By Robert J. Schwalb

The genasi are unknown to most people inhabiting the Tyr Region, and for good reason. They make their homes on the tiny islands rising from the vast Silt Sea spreading out to the east, far from the city-states and their trade routes. But for the first time in memory, the half-elementals have begun an exodus from their hidden redoubts and are now exploring the lands they abandoned years ago. This article presents all the information you need to play an Athasian genasi character: four elemental manifestations especially suited for Athas (embersoul, magmasoul, sandsoul, and sunsoul), a racial paragon path, a selection of racial feats, and complete background on this enigmatic race.

Secrecy is the key to survival in these distant reaches. Genasi conceal their communities among natural landscape features. Most are hidden in the interior of their islands, behind towering cliffs or dense boulder fields. Because their numbers are so few, genasi employ indigenous creatures for protection. For example, the enclaves in the Mountains of the Sun rely on the hejkins and spiders that infest the islands to deter explorers. Likewise, the genasi living on Dhuurghaz depend on an age-old alliance with the beast giants of the Khal-Ish-Thaas tribe.

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    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer who has contributed design to or developed nearly two hundred roleplaying game titles for the Dungeons & Dragons game, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game, Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and the d20 System. Some of his more recent work for Wizards of the Coast can be found in D&D Gamma World: Famine in Far-Go, Dark Sun Campaign Setting, and Monster Manual 3. Also, he’s a regular contributor to both Dragon and Dungeon online. For more information about the author, be sure to check out his website at