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More LFR? You Got It!
RPGA Report
by Chris Tulach

Living Forgotten Realms play has really taken off in the year since the campaign launched. We’ve been rapidly expanding play offerings for it, and this fall, we have lots more going on with our biggest shared-world program. Check it out!


Right now, the first 2 adventures for the ”Embers of Dawn” mini-campaign are available for organizers to order. Set in Returned Abeir and with a companion “Adventurers of the Realms” article in Dragon 376, the mini-campaign is a great way to introduce Living Forgotten Realms play to a group of new players or to start up that new character you’ve been wanting to try. All the adventures play out as a tightly-connected story for 1st to 4th level characters, and one adventure is releasing each month through January 2010, when the finale will premiere at D&D Experience.

The mini-campaign fun doesn’t stop there. The weekend of October 3-4, we are conducting a public test of a potential new Wizards Play Network offering called LFR Excursions. Essentially, it’s a mini-campaign in a kit, available to any Gateway-level WPN organizer and playable only at public locations like game stores and libraries. The public test will run at nine selected locations around the U.S., and we’ll look at feedback from the test to determine the final form of the kits offered. If you’d like to play in the public test and give us feedback, head to the Wizards Community site’s Living Forgotten Realms Group for a list of locations!

Weekend in the Realms 2: November 6-8

Join us once again this year as we explore a desolate region of Faerûn with this year’s Weekend in the Realms! Bring your existing 1st-4th level Living Forgotten Realms character to play this exclusive, one-time adventure called “The Icy Queen’s Crossing,” written by Shawn Merwin. Set in the cold northern realm of Narfell, the 4-hour adventure takes place in the aftermath of the events depicted in the new Forgotten Realms novel The Fall of Highwatch, which releases on November 4. This is the first time we’ve done an adventure with a novel tie-in, and we sincerely hope to do more in the future! Here’s the adventure’s description:

The Icy Queen’s Crossing

In a region so dangerous that even the most savage of Nar tribes fear trespassing there, a group of heroes has a chance to change the face of a war-torn land. This adventure has locations and characters from the Forgotten Realms novel The Fall of Highwatch. A Weekend in the Realms exclusive adventure set in Narfell for Living Forgotten Realms characters of levels 1-4.

All the materials a DM needs to run the adventure will be provided in the kit, including a double-sided poster map of all the encounters, a sheet of tokens to represent characters and monsters, and (of course) a 16-page adventure with a full-color cover featuring the art from the novel. If you’re a player who doesn’t have a Living Forgotten Realms character, you can either create one on-site (character creation rules are provided in the kit) or use one of six pre-generated characters presented on full-color, double-sided character cards.

Make plans to head out to your nearby play location to get in on the fun, as this adventure is exclusive to the weekend. A list of nearby play locations will be available through the Event Locator or on the Living Forgotten Realms Wizards Community Group later in October.

LFR’s New Home: Wizards Community

While we will continue to have a Living Forgotten Realms page on the D&D website, we are transitioning most of the content to the new Wizards Community site, which launched mere weeks ago. The Wizards Community is the place to go to get the latest information on all of our play offerings, read blogs, contribute to the Wiki page, view the event calendar, discuss topics in the forums, participate in polls, and much more! While we’re still in the process of adding a lot of content, you can already help contribute and share by heading over there. Create your own profile, add friends and groups, and explore all the site has to offer!

New Living Forgotten Realms Adventures Releasing This Month

Check out the latest adventure offerings for September!

September 2, 2009

CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter
There is something rotten in the city of Suzail. While the Midwinter Festival brings throngs of competitors, merchants, and spectators, it also brings an element of danger. When the Crown turns to the PCs for help, it's up to them to uncover what lurks under the city's snow and ice. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Cormyr for characters levels 1-4.

ADCP1-1 Jungle Hunt (Wizards Play Network Public Play Only)
A great hunt has been called in the jungles of Chult. The Amnian trading costers of Port Nyranzaru are competing to see which one can bring in the biggest, rarest beasts as trophies, and they’re looking for adventuring companies to do the hunting. Are you and your companions up to the challenge? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Chult for characters levels 1-14. At least four of the characters in the party must be members of the same Adventuring Company in order to play this adventure, and all of the characters at the same table must be within a single level band (1-4, 4-7, 7-10, or 11-14).

September 9, 2009

MOON1-5 Lost Love
Moonshadow, an old eladrin adventurer, has been missing for years: Long enough to be forgotten by man, but an eladrin’s life is much longer than most. An old love seeks to find out what happened to him. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in The Moonshae Isles for characters levels 7-10. This adventure continues the “Fey Gates of the Sea of Swords” major quest that started in BALD1-5 Lost Refuge.

SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past (Wizards Play Network Public Play Until January 1, 2010)
Every year, coronal Ilsevele Miritar, ruler of Myth Drannor, hires a group of adventurers to cleanup one of the many dangerous ruins within her forest kingdom. This year she is looking for several groups. What ghosts of the past have forced the eladrin to seek outside help and abandon their cautious ways? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Myth Drannor for characters levels 1-14. There are four versions of this adventure, one for each level band. All of the characters at the same table must be within a single level band (1-4, 4-7, 7-10, or 11-14).

September 16, 2009

CORE1-11 Drawing a Blank
The city of Westgate is the focus of many rumors and plots. Recent stories tell of faceless skulkers who wander the city’s streets at night and then vanish into thin air when confronted. Who or what could be causing this phenomenon? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Westgate for characters levels 11-14.

September 23, 2009

MINI1-2 The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords
Investigations bring you to the perfumed back alleys of Sambral where it becomes clear that you are not the first to look into the activities of the fire cult. All those who came before you have disappeared or been left a ruin of their former selves, leaving you to wonder, “Will you share their fate?” A two-round Living Forgotten Realms adventure that is Part 2 of the Embers of Dawn mini-campaign, set in Sambral for characters levels 1-4. It is recommended that you play the Embers of Dawn mini-campaign adventures in sequential order with one character for the best enjoyment and play possibilities within the mini-campaign, but it is not required.

September 30, 2009

DRAG1-5 White Petal Falling Intrigue and conflict flow through Nathlekh’s underbelly. A subversive organization has taken over the gambling trade in Nathlekh City’s foreign quarter and is using its newfound influence to reshape politics in the region. Extortion, murder, and martial arts combine in this exotic city at the end of the Golden Way. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Dragon Coast for characters levels 7-10.

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Originally thought to have been raised from a humble Midwestern family, Chris Tulach actually fell to Earth in a meteorite-shaped capsule flung from a planet far outside our galaxy. While under the yellow rays of Sol, Chris’s nerdity far surpasses that of any normal human. Using this precious gift only for good, he has become the D&D Organized Play Content Developer, responsible for the development and deployment of Dungeons & Dragons organized play programs. He is also the co-author of E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls.