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Monster Hunters of AthasD&D Insider Article
Glory and Wealth from the Wastelands
By Chris Sims

In the bleakness of Athas, opportunity exists only where the bold seek it and take it. Those who wish to remain free avoid political struggles and the risks of crime. They instead sell sword and spell for wealth and glory. Countless such mercenaries people the city-states. A few among these free warriors find their fortunes by facing the horrors of the wastes. Hunters live boldly, seeking out danger and traveling far from the oppression of city authorities.

Behold these mighty judagas. They have tamed the forest demons and claimed the head of the beast that troubled us. Let them divide the bones as trophies, bind the monster’s spirit in its skull, and prosper well with their spoils. They make our land safer. Honor them well.

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    About the Author

    Chris Sims has played roleplaying games for 30 years, and he has helped produce games for nearly 10. Before he laired in the Seattle exurbs, he was an editor/designer at Wizards of the Coast. There, he worked Duel Masters, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering. Now he blogs about the D&D game for and is up to no good as a game-industry freelancer.