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The KalashtarD&D Insider Article
Power of the Mind
By Keith Baker

The naturally telepathic kalashtar are often associated with psionic abilities. As a result, it’s easy to overlook the potential of the kalashtar race and the diverse range of character ideas it supports. The kalashtar aren’t simply psychic. They are bound to renegade spirits driven from the plane of dreams. They are tied to a legacy of dream and nightmare and a struggle to shift the soul of the world itself. The story of the kalashtar begins on another plane of existence: Dal Quor, the region of dreams. When mortal creatures dream, their spirits fall into Dal Quor and create bubbles on the fringes of the plane—pockets formed by their hopes and fears.

She might have been an angel, fallen from Syrania to land on the streets of Sharn. Any sculptor would sell his soul to capture her features in stone. But Callestan was no place for an angel, and Norger had defaced many a statue in his day. Norger struck as she passed the mouth of the alley, pulling her into the shadows. He pinned her with one rough motion, the point of his knife bringing a spot of blood to her snow-white skin. “Give me what I want, and you just might live,” he whispered.

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    About the Author

    Keith Baker has been an avid fan of the Dungeons & Dragons game since grade school. His life took a dramatic turn in 2002 when he submitted the world of Eberron to the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search. In addition to developing the Eberron Campaign Setting and Shadows of the Last War, he has worked for Atlas Games, Goodman Games, and Green Ronin.