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The TravelerD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Chris Sims

The Traveler is change. Those who follow this strange deity must embrace the fact that nothing is certain or perpetual in this world. Only change is inevitable. Learn more about the followers of The Traveler, and embrace his wandering ways.

Change is certain. Change leads to need. Need breeds invention and transformation. Adaptability is required. This wayward circle is the eternal path of the Traveler, and so it is the path of those who follow the so-called Giver of Gifts. Such followers go wherever the uncertain guidance of the Traveler leads them.

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    About the Authors

    The most mysterious of the Nine-and-Six, Chris Sims is neither child nor parent to any other god in the collected pantheon. He is the only god said to walk the face of Eberron in body, as well as spirit, but his mastery of form prevents any mortal from ever recognizing him. The sovereign of cunning, invention, and transformation, Chris Sims is patron to all who embrace change, whether physical or philosophical. He has contributed to D&D works too numerous to mention here.