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Adventurers of the RealmsD&D Insider Article
Displaced Lands and Dire Frontiers
By Chris Tulach

This article expands character options by providing new feats and paragon paths for characters with different regional backgrounds. In this installment, we highlight three southern Faerûnian regions that have been vastly altered since the Spellplague -- Akanûl, East Rift, and Tymanther. While the material in this article was written specifically for use in a Forgotten Realms campaign, you can easily adapt it to your own campaign no matter where it’s set.

Many years ago, the land now known as Akanûl violently arrived on Toril, plucked from the world known as Abeir. While the Spellplague raged, a portion of the realm called Shyr supplanted the area of western Chessenta. The transported Shyrans, predominantly genasi, threw off the yoke of oppression they had endured while on Abeir and renamed their new home Akanûl.

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