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TarmaluneD&D Insider Article
The Trading Heart of Returned Abeir
by Ed Greenwood

The continent of Returned Abeir is full of civilizations in their infancy. One city has grown in leaps and bounds, fancying itself a metropolis as grand as Waterdeep. But the truth is that Tarmalune, while not lacking in substance, is still a city in the throes of growing pains, and while possibly the largest city on the continent, it is still, in many ways, seeking its identity. Get a first look inside the new walls of Tarmalune, at its citizens, its rulers, and the plots that make it tick in "Backdrop: Tarmalune."

Tarmalune, the wealthy, bustling, crossroads port city, is the cosmopolitan trading heart of its continent, serving Returned Abeir just as Waterdeep does the Sword Coast of Faerûn. Self-governing and fiercely independent, yet lacking a standing army, Tarmalune is the largest, wealthiest, and most socially prominent of the Windrise Ports (the independent cities on the eastern shores of the Dragon Sea). Only Imdolphyn dares to declare itself "the equal of Tarmalune," and not even the richest Imdarm merchant-lords truly believe that boast.

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    About the Author

    Ed Greenwood is the man who unleashed the Forgotten Realms setting on an unsuspecting world. He works in libraries, writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and even romance stories (sometimes all in the same novel), but he is still happiest churning out Realmslore, Realmslore, and more Realmslore. There are still a few rooms in his house with space left to pile up papers in ...