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Epic Faerun
by Richard Baker

Some of the mightiest heroes of D&D make the Forgotten Realms their home, and now your character can prepare to become part of that august company. With the epic destinies in these pages, your character can join ranks with those who have shaped the Realms in ages past. Learn about the eladrin high mage or become a leader among one of the Realms’ favorite secret organizations as a Harper of legend.

The Forgotten Realms campaign setting is famed for the powerful characters who have appeared in Faerûn over the years. Epic characters are a longstanding tradition in Abeir-Toril, ranging from the dreadful lich Larloch -- the most powerful of Faerûn’s mighty wizards -- to heroic figures such as the Seven Sisters or Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale. With the advent of the Spellplague and the passage of a century, many of Faerûn's famous residents have departed to their eternal rewards (or punishments), but others still survive ... and the boldest and most successful of player characters can hope to someday join their ranks.

About the Author

Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer who has written scores of D&D adventures and supplements, including Thunderspire Labyrinth, King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, and Manual of the Planes. Rich is also a bestselling author of Forgotten Realms novels, including Swordmage, the first book in the new Blades of the Moonsea series.