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Rose Keep
by Bruce R Cordell

The Red Wizards form a powerful mercantile force in the Realms. Dig into one of their enclaves, Rose Keep, in this article. Learn about the Wizards who run the enclave, explore the compound with the included map, and learn about the goals these Red Wizards pursue when not peddling their wares.

When one speaks of Red Wizards, one is most likely referring to merchants who specialize in scrolls, magic items, and sometimes, illicit substances and questionable trade goods.

The average Red Wizard enclave exists as small mercantile manor or trading compound within the walls of a city large enough to support even minuscule magical trade. Customers usually interact with Red Wizards (or their agents) on the enclave’s grounds. Red Wizard enclaves are in many of the major coastal cities of the Sea of Fallen Stars, as well as in the Moonsea region.

About the Author

Bruce Cordell is a D&D designer, but during his twelve years in the game industry, he has dabbled in miniatures, board games, collectible card games, d20 games, and more. Bruce has over a sixty listed credits to his name, including the Expanded Psionics Handbook, Libris Mortis, and Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. His body of work also includes three published Forgotten Realms novels (Lady of Poison, Darkvision, and Stardeep), with more on the way.