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Wolves of Maldeen
By Nicolas Logue

Not long ago, a young hero—a mere boy by the standards of most—proved that youth and inexperience mattered less than courage and a willingness to stand when no one else would. The young Maldeen created a legend at the age of fourteen, but didn’t stop there. Only after another 60 years did he retire, leaving behind a legacy built on protecting the innocent and stamping out evil wherever it was found. Now the Wolves of Maldeen live to preserve the code of honor this man left behind. Members of the organization roam the land—often in groups called Packs—sniffing out evil where they can. Members of the Wolves are noble and pure, and they seek justice above all. Find out if your character has what it takes to join the Wolves, and the cunning it takes to survive.

Those who seek to emulate Maldeen must have the discipline to walk his path, which might lead them into conflict with others. However, since conflict is a part of life, a follower of Maldeen readily deals with it—whether through force of arms or force of words.

About the Author

Nicolas Logue is a composite of several different real-life madmen and degenerates. A collection of works are attributed to “Nicolas Logue” such as Voyage of the Golden Dragon, Eyes of the Lich Queen, and Pathfinder #3: Hook Mountain Massacre. Another “Logue” has recently been hired by Paizo Publishing as their Organized Play Coordinator. Yet another is a stage actor and fight choreographer in NYC.