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MonadhanD&D Insider Article
The Traitor's Hold
by Daniel Marthaler

Long ago, the remote jungle outpost attacked by Arantor and Imrissa was known as Monadhan. Its ruin, toppled by time and choked by the forest, lies nameless and forgotten deep in a trackless rain forest of the mortal realm. In the Shadowfell, however, it still stands within the domain that shares its name. Most of the residents are ignorant of their home's proper title. Only traitors find themselves here: the greater the treachery and the more pathetic the reason, the more likely the perpetrator is to find a place within Monadhan.

Monadhan is populated primarily by traitorous souls condemned there by whatever unknowable mechanism governs the Shadowfell, deposited from disparate times and locations, seemingly without rhyme or reason. A scattering of those born within the domain and a handful of unfortunates vomited forth from the mists round out the population. Regardless of their origin, those who hope to survive long quickly learn to watch their backs. Life is cheap in Monadhan, and trust too often comes with the highest price of all.

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    About the Author

    Daniel Marthaler is an avid gamer with soaring delusions of grandeur and dreams of breaking into the industry. Despite being 6' 3", he has a peculiar love of the wee races that populate the game, most notably the gnomes and kobolds.