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Janus Gull
Expeditionary Dispatches
by Glenn McDonald

In this issue’s Expeditionary Dispatch, discover the lost, tormented village of Janus Gull. Cursed into near-nonexistence, its residents will never find peace until brave heroes stop the cycle of destruction started long ago.

In the waning days of the Purge -- an attempt by the Church of the Silver Flame to eradicate all lycanthropes from the face of Eberron -- Thranish paladin Cormac Mael was dispatched to the Eldeen Reaches to lead a retinue of hunters. In the year 880 YK, just before being recalled to Aundair, Cormac and his band took shelter in the fishing village of Janus Gull on the northern shores of Lake Galifar.

About the Author

Glenn McDonald is a freelance writer and game designer. He has been writing Eberron content for the D&D website and print for some time now, as well as writing as a freelancer for numerous other professional publications of all sorts.