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Dragon 418D&D Insider Article
Stan!, Jeff LaSala, Dennis Johnson, Tim Eagon, Claudio Pozas, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, John Hasznosi, Keith Baker, Rodney Thompson, Ed Greenwood

L et the tarrasque run roughshod over your campaign. Save the town of Hochoch in the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Deck the halls with wondrous tapestries. Build fantastic inns and taverns from scratch. PLUS: The return of the decapus, the magen, the rhagodessa, and the thoul.

We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 418. Inside you'll find:

  • History Check: The Tarrasque, by Jeff LaSala
  • The End Is Nigh!, by Dennis Johnson
  • Ye Olde Creature Catalogue, by Tim Eagon
  • Backdrop: Hochoch, by Claudio Pozas
  • Wondrous Weavings: Tapestries of Power, by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
  • Inns in an Instant, by John Hasznosi
  • Eye on Eberron: Winter of the World, by Keith Baker
  • Eye on Dark Sun: The Widow’s Spirit, by Rodney Thompson
  • Eye on the Realms: The Sword of Spells, by Ed Greenwood

Plus, an editorial by Stan!, and art by the likes of Zoltan Boros, Christopher Burdett, Matt Dixon, Tony Foti, Aaron Miller, Hector Ortiz, Chris Seaman, Phill Simmer, Craig J Spearing and Ben Wootten, and cartography by Mike Schley.

(In later days, expect to receive Dungeon 209 PDF!)

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