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Channel Divinity: MeloraD&D Insider Article
By Tracy Hurley

The mention of Melora strikes fear in the heart of the average city dweller. As the god of the wilderness and the sea, she represents the unfettered savagery of a natural world that does not care what titles its visitors hold or how much gold is in their treasuries. But those who fear her don’t truly know her. They forget that her faithful spend years in the wilderness, hunting creatures that threaten both the natural order and the civilized world. An urban resident knows only that Melora seems cold and distant, uncaring of the needs of cities and those who live in them.

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    About the Author

    Tracy Hurley is a freelance game designer and, in her spare time, the writer behind Recent work includes co-writing the “Choose Your Fortunes Wisely” article for the D&D website, co-designing the Lost City sourcebook by Open Design, and contributing to the Dragon Brigade Roleplaying Game from Margaret Weis Productions.

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