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Strange GodsD&D Insider Article
Unearthed Arcana
By Ken Hart

Most of the deities in the Rules Compendium and the Player's Handbook pay attention to the mortal world and, on occasion, heed the pleas of their clerics and other divine agents. Many powers and features of the divine classes reflect an attitude of "We’re in this together." On the other hand, mythology and fantasy fiction are full of jealous, dark, or lazy deities who couldn't be bothered to aid their followers. This Unearthed Arcana article looks through the eyes of adventurers in a world where the gods are distant, disdainful, or alarmingly down-to-earth.

A lack of understanding is part and parcel of the elder aberrations from the Far Realm. Although mind flayers and aboleths generally do not worship gods (some aboleths have outlived gods, so they’re not impressed), refusing to acknowledge the superiority of another being, a small minority within each of those monstrous races do pray. Some mind flayers worship the tentacled Ilsensine; an illithid cleric is not out of the question.

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    About the Author

    Ken Hart has edited and written a number of RPG supplements and adventures. Past contributions include Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics and Etherscope. With coconspirator Jeff LaSala, he wrote "Faith and Heresy" in Dragon 397. He has also contributed to the forthcoming anthology Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero. Hart lives with his wife and daughter in northern New Jersey and is trying to convince his 4-year-old that the Dread Dormammu is cool, despite his name. He blogs about gaming, Survivor, and pop culture at