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Gamblers' GamesD&D Insider Article
Unearthed Arcana
By Steve Winter

Gambling is a career for some people, a mania for others, and an exciting pastime for many. It can be a way to raise some much-needed gold, to settle a dispute, or to coerce someone’s cooperation. Gambling happens everywhere, from military barracks to imperial palaces and from dockside alleys to exclusive clubs. This article presents several gambling games that characters can engage in, along with advice on how to incorporate gambling encounters into the lives of your Dungeons & Dragons characters.

If someone is able to skew the odds even slightly, that gambler will come out ahead in the long run. Gamblers go to great lengths to swing the odds in their favor. Honest gamblers accomplish that by perfecting their skill, honing their ability to read an opponent, and memorizing every combination of pieces and every twist of probability. Dishonest gamblers do it by cheating.

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