Wallpapers Archive | 6/13/2013
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Wallpaper: D&D Encounters
Search for the Diamond Staff

T he next season of D&D Encounters is underway: Search for the Diamond Staff. Events of this season takes place in the Dalelands -- an independent region of Faerûn located between the cold lands of the Moonsea to the north and the large empires of Sembia and Cormyr to the south.

A dozen tiny realms of farmers and woodsfolk lie scattered in pastoral clearings within the vast forest, including Shadowdale, home to the famous mage Elminster; Mistledale, a pastoral land where the Dales Council meets; and Battledale, a lightly settled region where great battles were fought in years past, but which is peaceful in the present age.

Dalesfolk are themselves a hardy breed, fiercely independent, with no great lords or kings to rule over them. They distrust authority, resent aristocratic privilege, and generally refuse to be told what to do. They can be quarrelsome and stubborn; some of the Dales harbor centuries-old grudges against their neighbors (though it’s rare for Dales to go to war against one another).

To help celebrate D&D Encounters, we're pleased to offer the following wallpaper -- offering a more detailed look at the Dalelands.

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