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Prepare for Assault!

D&D Lair Assault begins September 1st, the new Wizards Play Network program! If you’re not yet familiar with D&D Lair Assault, you’ll need to steel yourself for the challenge:

If you think you have what it takes to brave the fiercest foes, fight the toughest battles, and conquer the vilest enemies, we have a new Dungeons & Dragons play experience for you! Gather your master tacticians and rules experts together to kick down the dungeon doors and begin the assault! D&D Lair Assault is a new Wizards Play Network in-store program that pits tactically-minded players against a super challenge where the difference between victory and defeat is dependent upon your game knowledge, ability to adapt, and a little bit of luck.

You'll pit your wits against some of the most difficult encounters you've ever played. Each challenge is a mega-encounter that plays in just a few hours, but many will need to make more than one run at it in pursuit of victory. D&D Lair Assault challenges are available for a few months, and stores can schedule their sessions at any time during that period.

For players, think of D&D Lair Assault as an ultra-challenging encounter designed to be played in a single game session. Odds are the player characters will be annihilated, but that’s part of the fun!

For DMs, not only will it be your job to challenge the player characters, but also to kill them outright—all in good fun, of course. (Make sure your players know that!) Don’t play favorites or fudge die rolls, however. The encounter is difficult enough that you can let the dice fall where they may. Only the most clever and canny adventuring party has any hope of survival.

As you prepare, we wanted to set the stage for what you’ll soon be facing! Greg Bilsland and Mike Mearls designed our first D&D Lair Assault, Forge of the Dawn Titan: Outside the city of Neverwinter, fiendish cultists conspire to unlock the power of a fiery primordial. Gods help the city if they succeed!

As you start your assault, here are the first words you’ll hear:

You race through the tunnels beneath Mount Hotenow, map in hand. The Asmodeus cultist, Mordai Vell, is only minutes away from completing the creation of an artifact that will give him the power to subject Neverwinter to his will.

You turn a corner and abruptly come to a series of tunnels unlike the rest. The walls are no longer rough hewn stone but instead finely carved and etched with images of fire. Sconces hold everburning torches. The wide room before you contains four shallow pools of clear liquid, which hold a number of finger-length yellow fish. To your left is a set of double doors. Two more sets of doors are across the room from you.

Chanting reverberates through the walls. The chanting stops, and a male voice speaks.

“So, the Lord Protector sent some fools to stop me. No matter—you’ll never reach me in time.” The voice pauses and then cries out, “My lord Asmodeus! Great Maegera! I beseech you to help me destroy these interlopers.” The chanting resumes, and you feel a wave of magic wash over the area. The room seems to grow hotter.

Character Creation

A final reminder on characters: Players should create characters of 5th level, using any official 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons sources (print products available in stores or anything currently available in the D&D Character Builder, including material such as themes and backgrounds). Players can also use D&D Fortune Cards during the challenge.

A character has three magic items, one of 4th level or lower, one of 5th level or lower, and one of 6th level or lower. Note: You may only have one rare item. The player also has 840 gp to spend on other items, only two of which can be consumables. The consumables must be of the character’s level or lower.

Going into this challenge, players should understand that the encounter is intentionally challenging, and characters and parties optimized for success are the most likely to succeed. Some players might know details about the challenge from previous sessions, which they are free to share with other players.

For more information, be sure to consult the official D&D Lair Assault event page!

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