Dungeon Issue #187
By Steve Winter
One goal for Dungeon in 2011 is greater diversity in adventure themes, levels, and settings.
Adventures grow best if their seeds are planted well before harvest time. Here are the seeds for February's adventures.
By Jared Espley (Updated 3/21/2011)
Somewhere beneath the desert lies a seed from a primordial Tree of Life. This supernatural plant can bring life to broad regions, and that life equals power to defilers and sorcerer-monarchs. A primordial Tree is far more powerful than any others still alive, making this one a prize beyond price. An adventure for characters of levels 7-9.
By Bill Slavicsek
Andok Sur is an ancient necropolis in the Nentir Vale’s northeastern reaches. It slumbered in eternal peace until the lich Magroth entered it and began raising an army of undead from Andok Sur's restful dead. Magroth failed, but the undead remain, casting their threat across the Old Hills and the surrounding area. An adventure locale for characters of levels 3-8.
By Craig Campbell (Updated 3/03/2011)
Duergar society is based on raiding, mining, slavery, and a strict caste system that rewards treachery. Their citadels are carved from rock and surrounded by defenses consisting of traps, monsters, and flowing lava. All of those elements are woven into a nightmare tapestry of subterranean tyranny.
By Bruce Cordell
The Dark Sun Creature Catalog introduces monsters and monster themes suitable for the life-lean orb of Athas. This article provides several additional varieties of monsters, along with two new themes (defiler and templar).
By Ed Greenwood
The beautiful, capable, strong-willed wife of King Azoun IV of Cormyr is now long dead, but she left behind a hidden, living legacy—a small, secretive band of loyal agents, her personal Blades, who remain dedicated to furthering her aims for the Forest Kingdom.
By Rodney Thompson
The spear that killed Kalak is one of the most powerful artifacts on Athas. The Heartwood Spear is being updated for the 4th Edition version of the campaign setting. How many more sorcerer kings will fall to its power?
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you're a new DM struggling with the basic tasks of running a game or an old hand at a loss for how to deal with a perplexing problem, this is where you'll find help and answers.
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