Dungeon Issue #185
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By Steve Winter
Roleplaying adventures, like drama of all sorts, should follow well-established structural rules.
By Steve Winter
A peaceful glade in the forest offers the promise of a quiet night's repose on your journey, but ancient whispers will not be silenced. A site-based encounter for characters of levels 12-14.
By Ari Marmell
From her home in the Grieving Palace and from her position in the Green Court of the Feywild, Selephra, the Bramble Queen, manipulates events to expand her reach and to entrap and slaughter countless mortals in a quest to quench her burning wrath in a deluge of blood.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The peaceful years were shattered in one bloody night when out from the darkness came the wolves. Now folk bar their doors and shutter their windows until the swollen moon shrinks once more. A feature-length adventure for characters of levels 5-7.
By Keith Baker
Dragonborn. Lizardfolk. Kobolds. Troglodytes. In some tales, they hunger for human flesh, while in others, they consume dragonshards and sacrifice prisoners on bloody altars. In the wake of the Mourning, they grow restless, and tales are told of an army massing at an obsidian palace in the deep jungle.
By Ed Greenwood
Small, secretive local cabals of merchants are everywhere in the Realms, and seemingly always have been. One of the most successful, in a city infamous for its cabals, is “The Silent Sail” of Marsember.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you're a new DM struggling with the basic tasks of running a game or an old hand at a loss for how to deal with a perplexing problem, this is where you'll find help and answers.
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