Dragon Issue #424

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Editorial: Thinking Dragons
By Steve Winter
When you look at a dragon, you instantly see its size and power. What you don’t see but should be equally frightened of is its dark, inscrutable intelligence.
Bestiary: Catastrophic Dragons, Part 1
By Bruce Cordell and Ari Marmell
Only the most seasoned adventurers know about catastrophic dragons—and to know these creatures is to fear them. Meet the avalanche dragon and the typhoon dragon.
History Check: Martek and the Desert of Desolation
By Sterling Hershey
Ages ago, the wizard Martek bested and banished a mighty efreeti in a magical duel. To prevent its eventual escape, Martek set events into motion and awaited heroes who would be equal to his challenge.
Unearthed Arcana: Achievements
By Robert J. Schwalb
Gold, magic items, jewels, and power are the traditional motivators that drive adventurers. A few seek medals, titles, and fame. This article explores a third category that we call achievements: connections, influence, information, and property.
Eye on the Realms: The Dragon that Never Died
By Ed Greenwood
The green dragon Aglaraerose sleeps atop the greatest treasure ever assembled in Faerûn—or so they say. Though thousands of treasure seekers have entered the dragon’s mountain, only one ever emerged, and he told a tale that could hardly be believed.
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