Dragon Issue #423

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Editorial: Dungeon Allure
By Steve Winter
Dungeons have a primal allure to the inveterate adventurer in all of us.
Rare Underdark Poisons
By Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Gibbering grind, grell bile, and aboleth slime concentrate are just three of the delightful poisons manufactured exclusively in the Underdark.
Bestiary: Ecology of the Gargoyle
By Jeff LaSala
Gargoyles are older than mankind, and their strange, stony physiology has unnerving effects on their psychology.
Tavern Profile: The Inn of the Welcome Wench
By Shawn Merwin
The Inn of the Welcome Wench is just as welcoming now as when it first entered D&D lore in 1979.
Unearthed Arcana: Alternative Playing Styles
By Robert J. Schwalb and Matt Sernett
One of the strongest appeals of D&D has always been its adaptability. Here we showcase some off-beat approaches.
Eye on the Realms: Masters of the Alluring Dungeons
By Ed Greenwood
“Dungeons” are being discovered just below city streets, high on treasure and thrills but low on monsters and traps. Where did they come from, and why?
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