Dragon Issue #420

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Editorial: Fey Gone Wild
By Chris Perkins
The Feywild is a great setting for adventure because it spurs creativity rather than restraining it. Where the fey are concerned, over the top is the new middle of the road.
Court of Stars: Thrumbolg, First Lord of Mag Tureah
By Jeff Dougan and Tim Eagon
Tread lightly through the subterranean kingdom of Mag Tureah, for the king is a monstrous tyrant and his court is filled with miscreants and malcontents.
Bestiary: Fey of Wood and Wind
By Steve Townshend
In old cupboards and walls, beneath the thick underbrush of Faerie forests, in enchanted crystal caves, wee fey make their homes in places that big folk do not tread. We put some wee, and some not-so-wee, fey under the magnifying glass.
Court of Stars: The Carrion King
By Jeff LaSala
The Carrion King, master of all myconids, strives tirelessly for the benefit of its subjects. Unfortunately, it is also unequivocally mad.
Unearthed Arcana: Unfinished Business
By Robert J. Schwalb and Andrew Schneider
Death need not be an end for your character; it can be a beginning. The potential to become a ghost lies in every mortal creature—even adventurers. The optional rules in this article let players and DMs explore the world between life and death.
Character Themes: Driven By Ambition
By Doug Hyatt
Beguilers embrace the power of illusion, while occultists use magic as a tool to acquire knowledge and foretell the future. What they have in common is their enormous ego and ambition.
Eye on the Realms: Alana Nruneree, Unraveler of Secrets
By Ed Greenwood
Word is afoot of a beautiful, female fey who buys and sells—but mainly sells—information about the most secretive wizards and mages’ cabals in the Realms. Is she driven by curiosity, or something more sinister?
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