Dragon Issue #393

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By Steve Winter
By Bill Slavicsek
By Jeff Morgenroth
To most folk living now, Nerath means nothing more than ancient legends in the shadows of crumbling ruins, but once, the splendor of Nerath lit the world with its culture and accomplishments. There are those who would see it so again.
By Matt Sernett
Somewhere sunken beneath the sodden soil at the edge of the great Murkendraw Swamp in the Feywild, the Murkroot Trade Moot hides from the angry nobles of the Summer Court.
By Matt Sernett
Hexblade warlocks make a pact with powerful entities, and those who engage in a star pact tie themselves to certain—and uncertain—things beyond the stars. Such warlocks have good reason to keep a watchful eye upon the heavens.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Gladiatorial games are featured across Athas, and gladiators rank among the land's most revered heroes. This article presents several gladiator masters and the grandmaster training they can impart, should they judge you worthy as a student.
By Richard Baker
The knight is famed for skill in mounted combat, while the cavalier is renowned for his or her steed, charger, or warhorse—a loyal companion and ally touched by the divine favor that follows any paladin in battle.
By Robert J. Schwalb
A warlock's pact is an invisible thing, intangible and undetectable by one not accomplished in the arcane arts. Hexblades are the exception. Their pact becomes a physical thing, a weapon wrought from magic and steeped with legend.
By Peter Schaefer
Even though few have seen a deva, most have heard at least one tale about the heavenly beings who wield blade and magic against evil. Not every deva matches the heroes of those stories.
By Scott Fitzgerald Gray
In places where the boundary to the Elemental Chaos is weak, the fury of the storm rages unabated. Wilden native to this type of elemental nexus call such sites storm-homes and themselves stormchasers.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" ventures into the Tomb of Horrors in the company of mutant cats.
By Rosemary Jones
Gustin Bone thought he would die without ever escaping the narrow confines of his uncle's farm, until three colorful strangers stumbled out of the forest.
The designer of the very first science-fiction roleplaying game Metamorphosis Alpha and the original edition of Gamma World discusses the origins of Gamma Terra.
By Richard Baker and Bruce R. Cordell
The lead designers of Gamma World prepare you for the rigors of post-apocalypse life with more insights into the game's genesis.
By Bart Carroll
The 1978 adventure B1: In Search of the Unknown introduced would-be DMs to the basics of adventure design and would-be adventurers to the mystery and danger lurking within pools of unknown liquids.
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