Dragon Issue #385
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By Bill Slavicsek
Bill looks ahead at what's in store for March and beyond.
By Chris Youngs
Chris explains and de-mystifies the process for submitting proposals to Dragon and Dungeon magazines.
By Greg Tito
Learn how some dragonborn, as well as members of other races, have found immense power by tying themselves to different metallic dragons.
By Keith Baker
The Kalashtar are one of the least understood races in Eberron. Discover more about this unique race, as well as their ties to the psionic power source.
By Steve Townshend
If you’re looking for a place for your minotaur character to call home, consider Mistwatch, a community of minotaurs that has removed itself to a corner of the world guarded by immense pillars of stone and concealing mists.
By Daniel Jones
The spellscars of the Forgotten Realms continue to manifest in unique ways.
By Peter Schaefer
Each of these unique rituals enhances several of your favorite magic items.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Discover the hybrid options for the assassin, as well as several new racial feats for assassins of several stripes.
ByRussell Jones and Jeremy Pappas
New paragon paths for shaman characters focus their spiritual affinities.
By Daniel Jones
These new powers enhance a fighter’s ability to fight with a shield.
By Jeff Morgenroth
The luckbender wagers on the outcome of every event, large or small—and twists many of them to his own will.
By Matt James
Learn about Spellbinders, a group of swordmages who seek to find the perfect balance of sword and spell.
By Daniel Marthaler
These new summoning powers give wizards powerful new allies—who will turn on them at the first opportunity.
By Rodney Thompson
These two new racial epic destinies allow a deva to realize his or her full potential.
By Craig Bishell
The Valenar elves have a combat style all their own. Discover their secrets for yourself!
By James Auwaerter
These new character options give half-elves, the ultimate dabblers, new ways to define “dilettante.”
By Logan Bonner
Some warforged have taken the idea of self-improvement to a new level via these new body modifications.
By Michael Haneline
Three sects of Moradin worshipers, each devoted to a different sacred calling and dedicated to expanding the influence of the Soul Forger.
By Andrew Schneider
A group known as the Preservers seek to collect and guard knowledge in any form, all in Ioun’s name.
By Shelley Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" shares more of her wisdom and insight.
By Chris Tulach
Join Chris Tulach as he talks about what’s going on with official D&D play, the community, and upcoming events!
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