Excerpts Archive | 1/7/2011
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Excerpts: Caverns of Icewind Dale

The extent of the North is debated, but most agree it includes the entire wilderness south from the Spine of the World through the High Forest, and east from the Evermoors through to the Icerim Mountains. An endless, unbreakable wall of frigid, snowcapped peaks in the Spine of the World holds the Kingdom of Many-Arrows, an orc realm ruled by a succession of peaceable kings uncommon for their kind. Tucked beyond the Wall is tiny Icewind Dale….

This is a harsh and unforgiving land of fierce tundra yetis, barbarian tribesmen, roaming giants, and ten small towns of tough people from across the Realms who are dedicated to carving a living from the ice and snow. The barbarian tribes follow herds of reindeer, and the people of Ten-Towns fish the clear, frigid waters of their half-frozen lakes while the towering peak of Kelvin’s Cairn keeps watch over all.

This set provides ready-to-use, configurable tiles with which to build icy caves, winter backdrops, and other exciting encounter locations. The tiles in this set can be combined with tiles from all past and future sets to create truly memorable adventures.