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Excerpts: Underdark: Dark Fungi

In today's Underdark preview, we present the start of an encounter in the Shallows -- involving an avenging pack of myconids.

Dark Fungi

A dark creeper necromancer has taken over a myconid colony at the edge of a forest of fungus for his own purposes. Meanwhile, a dwarven mining guild from Forgehome has delved into the myconid caverns and begun mining operations, clearing whole caves of fungus. In retaliation, the myconids have slaughtered the miners.

The adventurers might arrive at the mine ignorant of what’s come before, or they might be tasked by Forgehome to investigate the lack of news and materials flowing from the mine.

Additional Information: Details about Forgehome can be found in Chapter 2.
Tiles: This delve uses one set of tiles from DU3: Caves of Carnage.
Levels: This dungeon delve works best for a party of five player characters from 3rd to 7th level.

Encounter DF1: Fungal Defenders

After climbing down the shaft, you are greeted by a scene of carnage. Many dwarf corpses litter the mine. The smell of the dead is worsened by the stink of rotting vegetation. Several large fungal spores drift lazily through the air, and large mushrooms are scattered around the room.

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