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Excerpts: Plane Below: Creatures of Chaos

In today's Plane Below: Secrets of the Elemental Chaos preview, we meet denizens of the Planes -- the blight-born, demons of the purest elements made anything but pure.

Creatures of Chaos

Even in the wild and seething Elemental Chaos, life thrives. Such beings appear alien to creatures of the world, but they are driven by the same desires and emotions and are just as dangerous to adventurers as other monsters they are more familiar with.

A host of creatures native to the ever-shifting realms of the Plane Below appear in the Monster Manuals and the Manual of the Planes books. This chapter expands upon those concepts and adds new ones to fill your campaign with challenges for elemental-themed adventures. Though all these monsters originated in the Elemental Chaos, they are also found in the mortal world.

In Chapter 5 of Plane Below you will find:

  • Abominations: Elemental monstrosities that continue to war against the gods and their servants.
  • Archons: New archons to serve in primordial armies.
  • Blight-Born Demons: Elemental creatures tainted and twisted by the influence of the Abyss.
  • Eisk Jaats: Beings of elemental cold enslaved by the frost giants.
  • Elementals: More of the wild creatures that embody all the forces of creation.
  • Slaads: More additions to the ever-growing roster of the chaotic, illogical slaads.
  • Masters of the Elements: Legendary and infamous figures of the Elemental Chaos, including Ehkahk the Smoldering Duke, the revered githzerai Liricosa, and the horrifying Ygorl, ancient slaad lord and champion of entropy.

Dust Demon

The aftermath of the Abyss's creation engulfed a tribe of djinns, scouring away portions of their flesh and souls until they were little more than sentient wind and bits of debris. The resulting blight-born demons, known as dust demons, appear as whirlwinds of dirt, dust, teeth, and broken bone that whip through one another so that it is impossible to tell where one ends and the next begins. Driven insane by their transformation, dust demons kill and maim out of endless rage directed against all creatures that do not suffer as they do.

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